Jermain Defoe not fooling anyone

Jermain Defoe has claimed that Fabio Capello was ‘unlucky’ during England’s dismal World Cup campaign in South Africa. It’s a nice sentiment from the Tottenham forward, but he isn’t fooling anyone.

Defoe argued:

“If you speak to the players, they all say the same – he’s a great manager. He was just a little bit unlucky” (The Sun)

The Three Lions were awful in the group stages following draws with both the USA and Algeria, then got over-excited about a 1-0 victory over the mighty Slovenia. In the second round England were pitted up against Germany and were then soundly beaten 4-1.

Capello was heavily criticised for continuously playing a dated 442, fielding Emile Heskey, wasting Steven Gerrard out on the left of midfield and seemed to upset his squad with his overly strict regime. This is nothing to do with luck, he just made mistakes and he knows this.

However, he was unlucky with some things as players like Wayne Rooney decided not to show up, forget the basics of the game and disappointed on the world’s stage. He was also unfortunate that John Terry decided to air the problems within the camp so publicly, which seemed to cause tension between the Chelsea man and the captain Gerrard.

It’s clear to all that Capello must change his way, but clearly Defoe believes that the Italian is the right man for the job and so do the FA…however, keeping him on may have more to do with the price it would take to sack him.

England were rubbish and Defoe’s words just sound like arse-kissing to me much like his talk of Joe Cole’s “passion and drive” in order to convince the former Chelsea midfielder to sign for Spurs and join him at White Hart Lane.

Alternatively, Defoe is doing nothing more than publicly backing his coach but it is something that did not need saying. The fans want an apology, not meaningless excuses and tales of hard-luck.

Are fans tired of hearing the England players/coach/Football Association come up with these excuses and why is it so hard to get a simple ‘sorry’?

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