John Barnes like you have never heard him before!

John Barnes was an incredibly talented footballer. The Liverpool winger performed magic week in week out at Anfield and his stunning goal for England against Brazil where he dribbled round half the team showed just how good he really was. But many England football fans won’t remember Barnes for his footballing ability on the pitch, but instead his singing ability off it!

The John Barnes rap in the 1990 England World Cup song World in Motion by New Order helps to put the song above all its rivals. The Baddiel and Skinner Euro 1996 song Football’s Coming Home was pretty good, but World in Motion puts it to shame and Barnes has recorded his rap again. Maybe he was spurred on by Smithy and Gavin’s recreation of it on Gavin and Stacey or maybe he was just fed up with the appalling England World Cup songs that are released every year. Either way Barnes has added a Mars twist to his 1990 World Cup rap.

His rapping’s pretty good but I’m not sure about his dancing, his little jig is possibly all he can manage seeing as he’s let himself go a little bit after his retirement. But he hasn’t lost his rapping ability and remember: “You’ve got to hold and give, But do it at the right time. You can be slow or fast, But you must get to the line. They’ll always hit you and hurt you, Defend and attack. There’s only one way to beat them, Get round the back. Catch me if you can, Cos’ I’m the England man. And what you’re looking at Is the master plan!”. Sing along at