John Motson’ greatest game Part Two – ‘England thump the Germans in their own back yard’

Football FanCast is looking back at the illustrious
career of John Motson and picking out some his finest matches. The second instalment
is the moment that Sven's England thumped the Germans in their own back yard.

They say all good things must come to an end and it certainly will be a sad
day this evening, as John Motson takes his final bow at the Euro 2008 final.

As ‘Motty' falls into the backwaters of the BBC and contributes the odd 10min
slot on Match of the Day, the days of Cup finals or key England games is well
and truly a thing of the past and the mantle now likely passed to the low key
Jonathon Pearce. It is a grave shame in my opinion and for the occasional faux
pas or gaff, was still the best in the business and his departure will mark an
end of an era.

Like most football fans, I grew up with Brian Moore, Barry Davies and of
course John Motson. They were the voice of football, our Wikipedia of knowledge
and were of far greater interest than the modern guys/gals now stepping up to
the microphone.

John Motson has commentated on some of the greatest games on memory and we
at Football FanCast are taking a look back at Mr Sheepskin's
finest matches, from Alan Sunderland's last minute winner, Keith Houchen's
diving header or of course Ricky Villa's magical solo goal back in 1981.

Today's focus is the glorious day for English football back in 2001, when England
stuffed the Germans in their back yard.

I don't think I can ever remember a game when England displayed more
passion, belief or will to win; we can hope that Fabio Capello can instil much
the same in order to drag our national team off its feet.