Jose does rivals a favour with Fabregas pursuit

Real Madrid have declared their interest in Cesc FabregasYou can see why Real Madrid are interested in signing Cesc Fabregas. He has shown he is a great player in the last few seasons. He is probably the only player, along with Xabi Alonso, who has the technical skill to rival Iniesta and Xavi.

If Mourinho is seeking to defeat Real Madrid’s biggest enemy, it will be on the battle ground of the midfield. With Xavi and Iniesta currently occupying both Spain and Barcelona’s midfield, Guardiola definitely has the upper hand. I doubt there would be many answers if I asked, who is better than Iniesta and Xavi at keeping possession in midfield?

A better two there may not be, but the pairing of Fabregas with Alonso at Real Madrid would be a great way to rival Barcelona. The two Spaniards are currently understudies in the national side, behind the Barca duo and would love to take over from them in the future I am sure. They may not be as light-footed as the current two, but they are equally gifted at passing the ball, and if anything more heavy weight in the tackle. The way Mourinho would like. With this in mind you can see why Real Madrid are so keen to sign Fabregas and stop him going to their fiercest rivals.

But, have Madrid chosen a bad time to declare interest?

People this week have pointed out that it is a bad time for Madrid to declare their interest in Fabregas as it will only help their rivals, Barcelona, beat Arsenal. If Fabregas is unsettled Barca have a greater chance of winning.

But maybe Madrid are doing this with one eye on their long term goal; to sign Fabregas. They know that Fabregas is hungry to win some silverware; they also know that Fabregas is unlikely to stay at Arsenal if they don’t win anything this year.

If Arsenal beat Barcelona they have a good chance of winning the whole competition. Wenger has said that this week. So, if they win the competition Fabregas is likely to stay at Arsenal. Madrid will never be able to sign him.

You might think I am being tenuous, but I think Madrid have targeted Fabregas this week, of all weeks, because they want to unsettle him. They want Arsenal to lose and they want Fabregas to look for a transfer away from the Emirates in the summer. If Fabregas fires this week and Arsenal succeed, they may be unlikely to ever sign him.

Furthermore, if Arsenal do lose to Barcelona this week, Madrid have placed themselves in opposition to Barcelona at a time when Fabregas will hardly be their biggest fan. If you are going to try and change a player’s childhood dream, you may as well do it when that very club has just knocked him out of Europe.

You might think that I am making this all up, but stranger things have happened. It would not be the first time that the sanity of the Real Madrid board has been brought into question. It is a great tactical move from the Madrid board and a play I would love to see pay off.

Real Madrid may be shooting themselves in the foot in the short-term, as they could help their rivals get to the next round of the Champions League. But it the long run, this could help secure the signature of one of the Premier League’s most prized assets.

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