Jose Mourinho on the cusp of history

You may love or loathe him, but Jose Mourinho is a football manager that should command respect.

Yes he is perceived as brash, arrogant and confident, but when you have won the amount of honours that the self proclaimed ‘Special One’ has achieved in such a short space of time, in a way you can understand why. There are few managers that have won three titles in three different countries, but Mourinho has and on Saturday is on the cusp to join the elite list of managers and players that have managed to win the Champions League with two different clubs.

Saturday’s game also sees Mourinho line up against Louis van Gaal who he worked under as an assistant at Barcelona and nothing would delight Jose than to get one over his former boss, who in many ways will know how Van Gaal works and the way he sets out his teams, more than the Dutchman will know of his former assistant. It only adds to the intrigue of what is already being billed to be one of the best Champions League finals in recent memory.

Victory on Saturday will complete what will be a historic treble for Inter Milan and nobody would love to inflict this more than Jose Mourinho, who has always felt that he has been victim to a lack of respect during his time in Italy and has always had his achievements underplayed. Making history would be the perfect legacy for a man who loves nothing more than being a trailblazer and someone who likes to leave a lasting mark on a country. Rumours are abound that this will be Mourinho’s last game in charge of Inter, before he moves in at ironically Saturday’s Champions League venue, the Bernabeu.