Jose Mourinho’s “COME AND GET ME PLEA” : Billy Batts Daily Football Round-up!

It is clear that the aftermath of England's Euro exit is having a lasting affect on Fleet Street's finest and judging by the morning papers, the hunt for a new manager has taken priority.

I have scoured the newspapers this Sunday morning to bring you all the top headlines from the footballing world today, including Jose's "Come and get me" plea to the FA while Michael Owen sensationally claims that England players cant handle the pressure.

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England players can't handle pressure, insists Newcastle striker Owen

On the brink: Liverpool boss raises stakes in feud with US owners, while Allardyce… 

England is a nation that has been betrayed by the FA bunglers

Captain's job up for grabs 

Harry could be the man to do the job 

Football: Reign of folly perfectly summed up by a man beneath a brolly 

Football: Mourinho: Come and get me, England

England names in the frame

Robinson is still England's No 1, claims Spurs boss Ramos