JT wakes up to what Arsenal fans have known all season

gun__1259518834_gallas_against_ChelseaI remember coming away from the Emirates after Arsenal’s 3-0 defeat against the Blues and listening to the so called experts who believed our so called title challenge was over for another year. It never seizes to amaze me how stupid and naive some of the pundits are; I guess that is SkySports and the rest of the British media for you.

What always amuses me, apart from the ridiculous assumptions that once you lose more than four games in any given season you must be out of the title race or 9pts behind in November despite having a game in hand. They still haven’t cottoned to the fact that this season the league is as open as it has ever been and the likes of United and Chelsea can actually lose games as well. Wenger said in October that the eventual champions could be defeated over 7 or 8 times during the course of the season, but when do the media ever look to take on board what the great man and visionary tells them.

Arsenal are well and truly back in the title race and finally Wenger gets the chance to put right the great collapse we suffered back in 2008. We are perfectly poised in the table and finally the rest of football have woken up to that fact that we are serious contenders in this title race and one bad result against our rivals doesn’t dictate our season’s path.

John Terry was one person who admittedly bought in to what the media was saying after that 3-0 defeat and was writing us off. However JT has never been afraid to admit he was wrong in the past and he came out today and proclaimed what most Arsenal fans already know is that we represent the most serious challenge to Chelsea at the top of the table. Let’s be honest despite United being up there, they have hardly looked convincing all season and you do feel they have lost some momentum and certainly not the same team they were. Arsenal are the ones in the ascendency as we approach this important period and I wouldn’t bet against moving on and taking a lead in the title race, as the ACN hits Ancelotti’s men. We are serious candidates for the title this season and I’m sure the media and pundits will wake up to that very fact soon.

Written By Craig Langton