Just what has Abramovich’s money given chelsea?

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho

Multiple trophies including league titles, FA and league cups and the holy grail, the Champions League. Multiple managers including The Special One, World Cup winner Scolari and Carol Ancelotti to name but a very few.

Buying players such as Eden Hazard, Juan Mata, Michael Ballack and Didier Drogba. Also buying players like Fernando Torres and Shevchenko. Becoming one of the richest and most disliked (apparently) clubs in the world.

That is what you get when a certain Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich takes over your football club and spends what now totals a billion pounds.

After reaching the astronomical mark of money stated above, it does make you wonder what exactly it has brought the club – obviously the list of honours and players not to mention the managers’ merry-go-round goes on and on.

The clear problem of people feeling Chelsea have bought success is something that the club have struggled to disassociate themselves with, not to mention the fact that with the new FFP rules making it increasingly difficult for the club to spend astronomical amounts of money with revenue that does not cover this – or so you would think. Given the spending that the club have been busy doing this summer, covering their costs yet again seems like a million miles away.

Something that the club are sadly all too well known for these days however is that of wasting huge amounts of money on a player that will give relatively little too them, and simply brushing it under the carpet – not to mention buying promising young players and not exactly getting the level they should out of them – Shaun Wright Phillips to name but one formerly promising player.

The fans of the club will of course not care, with the Jose Mourinho mentality of ‘us against the world’ still being prominent at the club, especially after the problems with their ‘captain, leader, legend’ John Terry, whom they have fully backed through numerous scandals. The trophies and success are enough for the fans who are getting a huge kick out of calling themselves ‘Champions of Europe.’

The summer spending has been reflected in the start to the season, with 9 points from the 3 games the club have played and the position at the top of the table being theirs for the first time in what can only be described as an age in Abramovich terms. It obviously remains to be seen if the club can continue in this form, but what is clear is that Abramovich cares more than ever, and his financial backing that has given the club so much success in the past only seems to be stronger than ever, with a new style of play being finally introduced at the club and despite what the official line over RDM is, the eye still being on Pep Guardiola – and if he one day took the helm who knows what could be in store of the club.