Kenny Dalglish’s words get lost in translation

I haven’t really cared to mention the debate surrounding Andy Carroll ’s lifestyle up until now because I have felt the entire controversy was media manufactured for their own ends of making headlines. I’ve decided to write something on it now because manager Kenny Dalglish has also decided to mention the behaviour of the press. Talking about Carroll’s fitness, Dalglish said:

“His fitness would stand up against anybody’s. I don’t think his lifestyle is anything like you want it to be to write a story.”

This comment has already prompted headlines from newspapers that Kenny is defending Carroll against Capello and the Independent even going as far as to say that Dalglish said that Capello was wrong about Carroll’s drinking. Anyone who would have bothered to read King Kenny’s full comments on the issue would know there isn’t any problem between the two managers. Kenny said during the same press conference:

“I think Andy is very appreciative of advice from anyone who has a good standing in football. I think he appreciates Capello’s advice because he has great respect for Fabio and Fabio has great respect for Andy.”

Dalglish is fully aware of the fact that newspapers and the likes of Sky Sports News have tried to blow the story out of all proportion. After Capello’s press conference before the Wales match in which he did state that Andy “needs to drink less than the others,” SSN’s top headline was that Capello was telling Carroll to drink less alcohol, in addition to which he should lose weight.

Where did the second bit about weight come from you ask? The only mention in Capello’s press conference that could have been interpreted in such a way was when the England manager said Carroll was ‘big.’ Everyone knows Capello’s English is not great, but it was pretty clear he was indicating his size in regards to height rather than weight, and that it takes time for such a ‘big’ guy to get fit after an injury and hit top form.

Dalglish would not disagree with any of these statements and this is why he criticised the press during today’s press conference. In fact even on the alcohol issue, Dalglish and Capello would be at one as the England manager actually said:

“If he want to be a good player, a good sportive man, he need to drink less than the normal.”

Meaning he should be professional in his approach; something Capello did not suggest Carroll wasn’t being. Ironically too, as well as Dalglish being critical of the press, Capello has also highlighted the pitfalls of media intrusion. Back in November he said:

“Here a lot of people drink. It is normal here. It [a mobile phone] can record all the time. It can take pictures. You can find everything on Facebook, etcetera. This is the worst. For this reason people can speak about this person drinking or this person being out.”

A message to the media from me, and hopefully from a lot of other Reds fans: lay off Andy Carroll and let him get on with playing football.

Article courtesy of David Tully from Live4Liverpool