Last chance saloon for Arsene Wenger?

With the season now under way there is still a lot of uncertainty remaining at Arsenal. Having had a turbulent summer, with their best players constantly linked with moves away from the club, the fans are appearing to grow weary with Arsene Wenger’s reign at the club. Is this season his last chance to get it right?

What Wenger has done for the club cannot be underestimated, he guided them to trophy’s, saw through the period of ‘the invincibles’, and he has got them into the Champions League every year, playing great, entertaining football. He has always had the best interests of the club at heart, and has taken them through a transitional period, during which their new stadium was being built, and he had very little in the way of a budget to work with. It is highly unlikely that anyone else would have done any better during that period. However, it is now six years since Arsenal won a trophy, and it appears time and patience are wearing thin for Wenger. He has set such high standards that now Arsenal fans are impatient for results and trophy’s, and are growing tired of being told the same things year in, year out.

For the last few seasons, Wenger seems to have repeated the same mistakes year on year, leaving Arsenal stuck in a vicious cycle. They lose their best players, we are told they have excellent youngsters coming through who just need time, they can’t quite make it over the finishing line each season and the process starts again. This season is no exception with the loss now of Fabregas and probably Nasri as well. Wenger does not seem to have made the right moves in the close season, and seemingly refuses to bolster the squad, despite the losses. Season afer season Wenger is coming up the same old excuses, predictions and blind stubborn faith which has seen Arsenal unable to progress any further.

Players who were part of Arsenal’s long term plans in the past are now moving on, with nothing to show for it, they are jumping ship having lost faith in Wenger and his stubborn refusal to change things, including tactics and his moves in the transfer market. He has not adapted to change or evolved the team with the modern times, his refusal to strengthen the team and the gaps in the side with hardened winners is somewhat astounding. The signature of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain this summer when the side desperately needs strengthening in other areas to sort out its frailty’s, is baffling. If they don’t strengthen in what is left of the transfer window, they will have to be incredibly careful, if they aren’t to slip out of the top four this year, with sides around them strengthening and them seemingly getting weaker.

Wenger has earned the right for one more chance, one last season to rediscover his ability to lead a team to success, and correct the mistakes within the team. He has stood still for too long, unwilling to change things, and he must strengthen in the remainder of the summer to add what they need to win, otherwise they will remain static or even move backwards. It remains to be seen if Wenger can take Arsenal any further, he still has a lot to offer, but time is running thin, and it appears he may be at the last chance saloon.