Let’s hope this Arsenal link is just another bad rumour

Football FanCast guest columnist Mike Barnes hopes the link with Kalou is nothing more than just another bad rumour.

I don't know how many players that Arsenal have been linked with during the summer window, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had passed the three figure mark. Every single day I am extending my knowledge of the brightest young talents around the world as I endlessly trawl through the various articles and YouTube footage to find out more about those apparently on their way to the Emirates.

When I look at the players that have been linked it is hard to say that at least 80% of those are a vast improvement on what we have already got. Players like Melo and Cana (in my opinion) could have been fantastic additions, had the club shown a greater alertness and determination to get the players. I find it incredible that we could easily be selling Eboue to Fiorentina in the coming week and yet we didn't look to really push a swap deal for Melo. We do tend to drag our feet at times and I am not sure in the modern market, whether that is in fact the right thing to do.

The latest name to add to our endless list of players touted by the media is Chelsea's Saloman Kalou, who according to the NOTW is a reported £7m target. Normally with most things with regards to that publication I take with a pinch of salt, but Kalou is no stranger to our football club and both player and Wenger have openly expressed an admiration for each other on occasions before. I accept we are on the lookout for another striker with Ade now gone and the press could simply just be putting two and two together, especially as Chelsea are seemingly not prepared to offer him a new deal. I really believe there could be some weight behind this rumour given the mutual admiration previously shown. I hope that I am wrong, as (in my opinion) he certainly wouldn't bring anything different to the table, but I have a sneaky feeling that he could be swapping West for North London before the window shuts. He seems to tick all the right boxes for an Arsene Wenger signing and the fact he will only cost £7m will surely only add to the appeal.

So am I wrong in being dismissive of Kalou, or do you agree he is no better than what we have got?


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