Let’s hope this Liverpool link is just another bad rumour

Football FanCast guest columnist Jay Mercer hopes there is no truth in the rumours linking Crouch with a return to Liverpool.

They say one of the big cardinal sins in football is to never return to the club you made your name in an attempt to rediscover past glories.

It's fair comment to be honest and with the exception of say Ian Rush I have never known anyone who has ever returned to their old stomping ground and maintained the same level of performance that they did before, you only have to look at the way Robbie Keane's return to Spurs has gone down, with many supporters now questioning the decision to bring him back – this is why I was glad Rafa didn't look to resign Michael Owen, as like it was with Fowler, it would never have been the same.

The reason for my concern is this morning's rumours that Rafa Benitez is contemplating a possible return move for Peter Crouch. Don't get me wrong I loved Crouchy as a player and was sad to see him leave, but let's be honest is he the kind of quality we desperately need to a) Potentially partner Fernando Torres, or b) An ideal understudy in the Spaniard's absence?

My answer to both would be a categorical NO and given that funds are likely to be at a premium then we don't really need to be splashing out £12m+ on a player who isn't going to improve on anything that we have already got at the football club or as Rafa once famously described him, little more than an impact substitute.

I know there will be a lobby of support who would welcome him back, but I just hope it is just a bad rumour that has little to no legs at all. You should never resign players as they don't tend to return with the same hunger and fire in their bellies than they did when they first arrived.

Would you like to see Crouchy return, or do you agree that for £12m he wouldn't represent a huge improvement of what we got?


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