Levy should have just taken the Blues £8m and run

The noise coming from McLeish this week was that a deal for Pavlyuchenko was all but agreed until Tottenham decided to move the goalposts at the last moments and stick the price up by an extra £2m. It is believed that Levy was holding out for £10m and was clearly hoping as the deadline fast approached, we would give in.

I have to confess that I am baffled by the whole situation and don’t understand the logic of the Tottenham chairman. Here is a player that is 4th choice striker at the football club, next to no chance of starting any games soon and is simply warming the bench, whilst being paid a princely sum of money in wages every week. I know Daniel Levy has proven before that he is king in dragging out a deal, in order to get top money for his players, but surely in this circumstance he would have been better off taking the financial hit.

I suppose if I spent nearly £14m on a player then selling him on for £8m some 18months later would seem ridiculous, but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that has occurred. I bet Fergie would bite the arm off any manager that would pay £20m to take Berbatov off his hands at this moment and Levy must surely realise that it is highly unlikely that he is going to get anymore than £8m in the summer. Pavlyuchenko’s stock hasn’t risen and with a player fast approaching 29 years-old and no World Cup to put himself in the shop window, there are very few clubs that will be tempted to part with any more money. Levy should have taken the £8m and run, and got the tall Russian off the wage bill.

So do Tottenham fans agree with my view or am I simply coming across as a bitter Blue that is sorry to see a deal for Pavlyuchenko fall through?

Written By Jay Watson

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