Levy’s signal of intent with ‘deals’ bodes well for Tottenham

Whether you love or loathe Daniel Levy there is no question that the man has done a fabulous job at Tottenham and has built on the strong foundations laid down by Lord Sugar. There have been mistakes made, no question, but there have certainly been more positives than negatives throughout his reign. The club has now reached the Promised Land of Champions League football and suddenly the short term aim, following the landing of silverware in 2008, has now been reached. Tottenham find themselves at a crossroads in where they go from here.

There has been a lot of speculation since Tottenham claimed that coveted Champions League spot as to what the club’s policy will be. Some have suggested that the club need to spend big this summer to ensure extra quality is added in order to maintain their place among the Premier League’s elite, while others (including Harry Redknapp) feel that not much is needed given the quality that already exists. In many ways it is a tough call for Levy to sanction a huge summer spend; given the need to allocate funds for the building of the proposed new stadium. Big decisions are needed and it promises to be a decisive summer for Tottenham.

Tottenham now find themselves in a privileged position, firstly in that they now have a carrot to entice the top end players in the transfer market, whilst also being in a position to maintain their impressive young squad. It is a position that they have never found themselves in one respect something that Dan Levy is clearly taking advantage of.

Levy decision to go all out and offer the impressive Luka Modric a six year deal is a real statement of intent carried out by the Tottenham chairman. With Manchester United and Chelsea all reportedly keen to bring in the impressive Croat, Levy has uncharacteristically moved quickly to quell such rumours and get him tied to a double your money deal before they were allowed to manifest themselves. It is a refreshing change for Tottenham fans, who have seen the likes of Carrick, Berbatov and Keane leave in big money deals, and finally it suggests that Harry Redknapp will be given the opportunity to build this football club and one that is now able to compete year on year with the upper echelons of the Premier League. Levy has set the club stall out in terms of maintaining the squads best players, having already tied down Dawson, Huddlestone and Bale to long term deals, and we will have to wait and see whether he is will be as quick to come forward with funds to bring in players that may take Redknapp’s fancy.

So what is the view of Tottenham fans this summer and should Levy sanction a big transfer splurge to complement the tying down of key players, or do you agree with Redknapp’s past view that the squad is in not great need of improvement?

Written By Jim McKendry

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