Lionel Messi – A genius at Work

To everyone who thinks Wayne Rooney is the best footballer in the world at the moment, take a look at the little magician at Barcelona Lionel Messi. On watching the 2nd half of last night’s game between Barcelona-Valencia I was in awe of the Argentinean attacking Midfielder. The game finished 3-0 to the home side and Messi just blown Valencia away in 45 minutes.

His 1st goal was pure brilliance as the ball just stayed glued to his feet as he waltzed past 3 Valencia players and wrong footed Cesar in the goal. Messi does have Xavi to thank with a wonderful through ball. For the 2nd goal Henry ball over to the right hand side and beautiful 1st touch to make Pablo Hernandez look dazed and ran at Delabert and curled it past the Cesar again. A hat-trick was on its way moments later when Valencia lost the ball at the kick off and Henry again assisted to Messi who ran one on one at Cesar and right footed chip over the keeper. Pure Genius

This is a player who struggled at the beginning of the season to match the form of last season. There were rumours in Spain that he had asked to be rested due to the draining workload that his club manager Pep Guardola and his National coach Diego Maradona has put on the youngster. But since November Messi has been in majestic form for his club and basically won Barcelona the world club championship in December.

I cannot wait to see him grace the world cup in South Africa in June. Wayne Rooney as a player has been brilliant this season for Manchester United but in my opinion Lionel Messi is a better player and has the world at his feet.

Written By Scot Munroe

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