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Liverpool chief makes steps to resolve what’s been a real flaw in his armoury

Tom Hicks in LiverpoolFootball FanCast guest columnist Dean Pearson is delighted that Hicks has decided to give Liverpool fans the transparency that they deserve.

One of the great frustrations I have found as a Liverpool fan over the years is the lack of communication we receive from the powers that be. We don’t ask for much and all we demand is a bit of honesty about club matters, an insight into the direction the club is taking, so we are not left speculating as to what the hell is going on.

The problem in the past seasons and where the Americans have come a cropper is that they have allowed the media to dictate things. If the PR of the club moved quickly to denounce claims that have been made against them, or the financial plight of the football club, then there is a chance that this wedge between them and the supporters wouldn’t have been as big as it currently is. Unfortunately they have allowed it to manifest itself, to the extent where supporters have drawn their own conclusions.

Hicks’ comments last night about the financial outlook of the club appeared encouraging, especially assuring us that our best players won’t need to be sold. Again in the past fortnight media reports have emerged that the failure to progress in the Champions League, or in fact qualify for the tournament would see the sale of players, was dispelled in one swift moment and given supporters some assurances that we need. A little transparency actually goes a long way and in my view prevents potential unrest that rocks the foundations of the football club.

A fellow columnist on this site said yesterday as to how the Americans could release the pressure that is building on Benitez by publically backing him in the media, despite what is achieved this season. That would make perfect sense and it would go a long way to ending this daily agenda of the press to knock Benitez and allowing the club to move forward. Arsene Wenger has come out this week and publically backed Rafa and his plight represents the type of example that should be followed. Last year there were question marks over him by Arsenal supporters, being that they went from throwing the title away the season previous, to fighting to finishing in 4th place last year, a scenario that could mirror ours this campaign. Wenger has turned around the club fortunes this season and there is nothing to suggest that Benitez couldn’t do the same next. What Rafa needs are some assurances, rather than being made to go into every game thinking that it may be his last.

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Article title: Liverpool chief makes steps to resolve what’s been a real flaw in his armoury

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