Liverpool fall victim to band-wagon journalism

Over the past weeks I’ve read and heard a lot from the “holier-than-thou” London-centric media about how Liverpool have set a bad example supporting Suarez and for wearing “those t-shirts” during the warm-up prior to the Wigan game. How Dalglish and Liverpool should have simply (read meekly) accepted the decision of the FA ’s independent commission (they hadn’t got the guts to make a decision on their own), apologize and move on. That Liverpool should have taught Suarez, and all overseas players, about what and what is not acceptable to say to another player in the heat-of-the moment and so and and so forth.

What utter “let’s print this crap so we can sell more newspapers” journalism this truly is. Are we supposed to respect this kind of preaching from those who a few months ago were happily tapping some innocents mobile? I didn’t think so.

What the football media have totally underestimated is just how strong the Liverpool family really is and always will be. When injustice is served up cold, as Liverpool have had to endure again and again over the decades, it unites Liverpool supporters and the team even more strongly. When Liverpool came running onto the field wearing Suarez shirts I couldn’t have been prouder of my team and of Kenny for making a stand against the flawed justice they had been handed down to Suarez.

What the band-wagon media failed to recognize, or acknowledge, was that Liverpool and their fans are totally against racism. Always have been, always will be. Liverpool is a multi-cultural, multi-racial club and proud of it. Just ask the likes of John Barnes who has stated that the FA are guilty of crucifying Suarez.

To say I love Liverpool is an understatement, however, that doesn’t mean I blindly support or condone anything a player may do that is out-of-order i.e. if Downing did indeed hit his ex-girlfriend then he needs to get what’s coming to him, both personally and professionally.

So Liverpool have taken the high-road and decided to accept the decision of the FA’s independent commission. I’m disappointed but respect it but let’s be clear, Liverpool are not the London media’s, or the FA’s, favourite football team and never will be. The media never questioned the hypocrisy of the FA fighting UEFA to reduce Rooney’s violent conduct 3-match ban versus Liverpool’s right to question Suarez’s 8-match ban. And if Terry is found guilty of racism will we see the same level of justice meted out? Don’t hold your breath.

Article courtesy of Barry Ringstead from Live4Liverpool