Liverpool FC finally recognise their potential

In recent years, Manchester City have signed a mega bucks long term deal with Ethiad, Chelsea have more than a lucrative deal with shirt sponsors Samsung, Mike Ashley has tried to sell everything associated with Newcastle except himself, and even Barcelona have got in on the act finally selling out to the Qatar foundation in terms of shirt sponsors, although Rosell would have you believe anything but, and finally one of the biggest powerhouses in English football, Liverpool have decide to join the party and start capitalising on their true global potential.

Following the deal with Standard Chartered, Liverpool have now agreed a deal with Warrior Sports to manufacture their kits – departing from the longstanding partnership with Adidas – and will receive more than a paltry amount for doing so.

The six year deal will bring in around £”5 million per year in revenue for the Merseyside team, and is further indication of the intent to finally begin to take advantage of such deals that are open to the club, and bring in the finances needed to compete with the majority of the Premier League.

Yes, in recent times Liverpool have spent what could be classed as money – and Andy Carroll will be the one people both think of first here and lament at the same time – yet this was from the Torres sale, and it is debatable just how much money King Kenny actually has in his kitty.

It is certainly not going to be on a par with the likes of Chelsea and City, but to even compete with clubs such as Spurs, Arsenal and United, Liverpool simply had to raise more money and realising their potential as a global brand is a brilliant way to do this.

Warrior sports is a brand mainly known in the US, and not only will the link with Liverpool help them to ‘shake up the world of football’ as their GM Richard Wright desires, but it will also provide Liverpool with a foothold to try and tap into the lucrative US market, again adding to their desire to finally tap into the untouched potential of being a global brand.

Getting back into the top four is a must for the fans and the manager, and this will be the thing that attracts the big name players to Anfield, yet money will be needed to do this, and  now with a manager in place who is more than capable of guiding the team there, not to mention the revival of Gerrard and huge talents such as Suarez, all that is missing – apart from finishing teams off at home that is – is for the club to gain the revenue their rivals have been tapping into for a while, and now they look set to do this.

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