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Liverpool FC vs The 24 Hour Rumour Mill

Certainly when you write a blog about Liverpool Football Club, it can be very frustrating when the club are so silent on transfer matters. As a fan of the club though I do prefer it this way, despite the fact it makes my job more difficult, as we have seen too much going in public over the last few years. When they have something, they will say it, and I am happy enough to go along with this.

With the advent of modern technology and the internet though, patience seems no longer to be a virtue. Instant gratification is a consequence of the modern age, and as with all bodies, the media must go with the times. This site, and others like it, are the result of the blossoming of social media such as Facebook, twitter, the Blogosphere and the demand for news on Ipads, mobiles and any other device you care to mention.

To satisfy this clamour for information, sites spring up to fill the voids where there is a demand, and news aggregators such as NewsNow are a useful way of filtering the internet into stories that interest the reader. Of course, the demand for transfer stories from readers in the summer months means sites fill up with gossip and rehashed rumours to boost visitors and pageviews. This site is no different of course, and I will not pretend otherwise, but one of the biggest effects of this demand for new information is not only the large amount of fabrication that goes on, but also a mentality among some readers to expect instant results from our clubs, especially on transfers.

I am, like many others, not immune to demanding more immediate results from my club so I can at least write a few blog articles about it. I want to know what Kenny Dalglish, FSG and Damien Comolli are planning but I fully appreciate the reasoning behind the silence we receive from Anfield.

To be perfectly honest I love reading rumours with us being linked with the likes of Santi Cazorla , Juan Mata , Aly Cissokho , Blaise Matuidi and Mamadou Sakho but especially with so many sites blatantly making up stories these days, it is hard to know who we are actually interested in.

There are more solid foundations to us being linked with the likes of Charlie Adam and Stewart Downing because such rumours originate from people at the Times such as Tony Barrett, the Daily Telegraph and the Independent who have more reliable sources than most, but they are never 100% reliable.

Frustration does set in inevitably when you hear the club being linked with every name under the sun, and yet seem to be signing nobody at all. From my point of view the best thing to do is either don’t read the rumours and wait for to announce the signings, or read them and accept it for what they are; hearsay. Patience is a very difficult concept to grasp in this day and age, but the Reds are asking for it, and I trust that most Reds fans understand this despite the 24 hour rumour mill of NewsNow and twitter.

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Article title: Liverpool FC vs The 24 Hour Rumour Mill

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