Liverpool have the tools, they just need to throw a little caution to the wind!

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Lewis Doe feels that Liverpool have all the tools in
place but just need to throw a little caution to the wind at times in order to
finally fulfil their undoubted potential.

Liverpool pretty much stunned everyone at the weekend with their impressive
4-1 victory at Old Trafford but the revival in form has come too little too

Liverpool are arguably the best form team in the country at this very moment
in time but once again the inconsistency Rafael Benitez's side have shown this
season means they are unlikely to walk away with another league title.

Liverpool should instead zone in on next season and learn from this one,
they have shown on too few occasions that they can comfortably beat any team in
the Premier League but they will need to show this form time and time again
over 2009 and 2010 if they want to take back the league title.

Fernando Torres is imperative, apart from stating the obvious and
complimenting his goal scoring ability what Torres does off the ball is as
useful as what he does on it. He complements the best players in Liverpool's
side and creates space for their influential captain, Steven Gerrard.

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Gerrard himself has to learn next season that his off field activities must
be curbed; he has to adopt a Paul Scholes type shell and withdraw back into it.
This will man his opponents will not have a single example of extravagance to
nag away at him with during a game and he should be focused completely on
seeing his own face in the trophies the scousers can win next time round.

The defence is going to need to carry on clicking in every sense of the
word. Jamie Carragher is not going to go on forever and the club needs to
continue bringing in talent similar to Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger at the
back to make sure the bus stays firmly parked in front of that Anfield

The boss is one of the best tacticians in European football. Liverpool have
to carry on giving Rafa exactly what he asks for because there are few people
that would come in who are better than he is. His rotation policies have often
been criticised but more often than not when Liverpool have a big performance
Rafa gets all of the big decisions exactly right.

It was recently reported that Real Madrid are planning a raid for
influential midfielder Xabi Alonso. Alonso is as important to the team as
Gerrard or Torres, he allows the more gritty Javier Mascherano to run around
like a maniac and apply a more aggressive style of play making opponents more
tentative and allowing Alonso to spray passes all over the pitch.

The fans also have to step up. When the Kop blared out "You'll Never Walk
Alone" just before kick off in last week's European match against Madrid, the
atmosphere even from the other side of the television set was truly special and
the priceless ness of the occasion was widely felt.

The club have to go for it next season.
All of the tools are in place and the examples of how well they work are pretty
clear but Liverpool will have to take risks and continue to boss bigger sides
than themselves if they are going to make progress. It is very frustrating
watching a side with so much potential and talent always on the very edge of
success but never breaking through that final barrier.