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Liverpool the latest to fall victim to the media’s obvious purge

Football FanCast guest
Peter Law believes that the media are taking a far more sinister
approach towards football clubs this season.

Fleet Street as we know is
in serious decline and the days of proper football writing has long since been
replaced with idle rumour, speculation and the ability to magnify the most
trivia of incidents – the latter in particular they just can't seem to get
enough of and this season so far has witnessed them take a far more sinister

It has been
absolutely crazy and the media seem intent on launching a total witch-hunt
around football clubs and individuals in order to make them pay. So far this
season we have witnessed a plethora of incidents like the Eduardo ‘divegate'
scandal, of which they managed to get every living breathing ex-footballer left
on this planet to come out and condemn the guy. We have seen the reaction to
the Adebayor incident, both the stamp on Van Persie and subsequent goalscoring
celebration. And at the weekend alone, we had the whole injury-time carry on
and the Craig Bellamy slap and Gary Neville celebration to contend with. It is
absolutely relentless and they certainly aren't showing signs of stopping, as
unsettling football clubs and individual players seems the order of the day.

Liverpool has
always had their fair share of backstabbing by the media and we certainly
haven't missed out on the witch-hunt this season. Why I am sure they were
absolutely choked at the fact that we had secured a record sponsorship with
Standard Chartered, as it meant they could no longer portray us as incompetents
in the commercial world, they have been doing their damndest since to try and
redress the balance. They know that Liverpool fans have an indifferent
relationship with their owners, so at the very time that the worm starts to
turn and the work of Hicks, Gillett and Purslow is starting to show promising
signs, they feel the need to rain on our parade and attempt to drive a wedge
between us.

It is ridiculous
to be honest and we have had to wake up this morning to reports that suddenly
there is limited money with Rafa only having £20m to spend every season until
2014 and the owners were contemplating facing the wrath of supporters by hiking
up ticket prices. On top of that they painted the picture there is unrest shown
by supporters, who believe that we are fast becoming the new Leeds United and
clearly the direction is there is to drain the club and its supporters of any
positively that we may possess. They are even attempting to unsettle Javier
Mascherano in the past fortnight, by dragging up the Barcelona links and how he
is unhappy on Merseyside, as a way of rocking the boat. It is clear that the
media are not going to relent until they succeed this season in breaking us and
other clubs; therefore it makes you wonder why football clubs invite these hacks into their clubs in the first place. United seem to get off lightly,
but to be honest Fergie only allows 20% of the media into press conference –
perhaps that is a policy all clubs should adopt, as it doesn't seem to do them
much harm.

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Article title: Liverpool the latest to fall victim to the media’s obvious purge

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