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Liverpool the latest to fall victim to this ‘habitual guff’

Football FanCast guest columnist Stan Rodgers wished that
ex-pros left the commenting and punditry well alone, given the regular tripe
that supporters are exposed too.

footballers quit the beautiful game they tend to have two paths which they can
choose to follow – they either become a coach, or simply they get paid to talk
absolute drivel in the papers, or TV, as pundits. Unfortunately most fall into
the latter and we are the poor people that have to put up with their garbage.

makes me laugh about these ex-player pundits is that they believe, because they
have played the game that they have a far greater insight into what is
happening. The sheer arrogance in the way they write and the dismissive tones of
their pieces is insulting to the readers who in many ways have a far better
grasp of what goes on about football and their respective clubs. They say great
players don't make good managers; well ex footballers certainly don't make for
good pundits or analysers.

We all
know that we can expect the usual guff in the papers from the likes of Stan
Collymore or Steve Claridge, but for me the worse has always been Tony
Cascarino. Quite how this very average footballer, who's only claim to fame has
been a few goals for Millwall and some incredibly overrated book can pass
judgment on any football club is beyond me.

week he attempts to make rash statements in order to get a rise out of
supporters and if the suggestion that Man United should have snapped up Peter
Crouch wasn't bad enough, then the slating of some Liverpool players this
morning was simply pathetic. Apparently what he has seen of Insua he clearly
isn't up to scratch, (despite being one of our best players this season)
Aurelio isn't good enough (right based on his first game back from injury),
Lucas of course is terrible (stuck his neck out with that one) and the finger
also points at the likes of Skrtel and the defensive attributes of Johnson –
ex-pro journalism at their best being it has clearly been based on simply one
bad performance in Florence; the guy is a disgrace and an insult and a disgrace
to the art of journalism.

I don't
know what the solution to the problem is and I suppose we should be thankful
that the modern day footballers are likely to have earned enough money so they
don't have to carve themselves some sort of career in the media. Perhaps
ex-footballers should get over their own self importance and perhaps open a pub
somewhere, or look to invest in other businesses, instead of polluting newspapers
with complete an utter tripe.

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Article title: Liverpool the latest to fall victim to this ‘habitual guff’

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