Man City star’s outburst indicative of what is wrong?

carlos tevez“Carlos Tevez has once again raised doubts about his long-term future in the game by admitting he misses his old life back in Argentina.” Firstly, the Argentinian was recently granted leave to return back to his homeland due to the fact that the he was home sick. Now the striker has criticised the attitudes of young footballers and says that he is unhappy with the materialistic lifestyle of the modern player.

I’m sure Adam Johnson, Tevez’s Manchester City team mate will take notice of the remark, the young English midfielder in recent times has made a name for himself as a bit of a party boy.

Tevez then went on to say in an interview with Argentinian station TyC Sports: “If you ask me, I would love to have my old life back in my neighbourhood of Fuerte Apache. I don’t want to play any more.”

The former Manchester United man then went on to explain the reasons for his controversial comment. “The young players think they have won something in football because they have two cell phones and a house. Today there are many bad people in the football business and you have to fight with them all the time. I’m going to play football for three or four years in Europe then I will quit.”

For many Tevez has simply vented what others are feeling. His comments are actually quite refreshing as footballers past and present have shown a less admirable side to themselves, from Contract negotiations to diving to unnecessary expenditure.

Tevez is not alone in his opinion. Bad boy Joey Barton also stated in an interview “most footballers are knobs. Driving round in flash cars and changing them like you change your socks, wearing stupid diamond watches and spending money like it’s going out of fashion in the middle of a recession when some people are struggling to put food on the table for the kids – it’s not the way to do it.”

So what do you think, Have Barton and more recently Tevez given us the truth in terms of the modern footballer? Or are these just the remarks of a couple controversial characters within the game?

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