Man United the latest to fall victim to the game’s great parasites

It seems that concerns continue to grow over Nemanja Vidic future at Manchester United after his agent has recently claimed that his client wants to leave the club this summer.

It has been reported earlier in the season, that Vidic was unsettled at United and was keen on a move. However, his agent Paolo Fabbri last night (10th of June) has leaked yet another statement to the media, claiming that the 6’ 2’’ defender is undecided whether he will be part of the United line-up next season or not. Fabbri told the Daily Mail:

“It won’t be until after the World Cup that he makes a decision on his future. We have requested some time from United to think about things, and Nemanja has requested I do not speak about particular clubs. Any eventual transfer will take place after the World Cup.”

Surprisingly, Vidic did tell the media countless times that he is tied down to the club until 2012, and intends to honour his contract. So for his agent to come out last night and declare that the player’s future is unclear seems baffling to many.

The player himself has not stated he wants to leave, yet his agent is adding more wood to the fire with his latest outburst to the papers. Sourced form Sky Sports, Fabbri also claimed:

“We are waiting for information. We are waiting for Nemanja to tell us what he wants to do, so at the moment we are waiting as it is up to him.”

Once again this is another case of how football agents love to create mischief and trouble in an attempt to unstable a football club.

As a football fan, It’s very frustrating to see how these parasites known as football agents unsettle clubs for their own benefit…the more moves the player makes the more money they see in their bank account. How do these leeches of the game pocket millions for a transfer is well beyond me. Surely the sum in which they receive should be lowered for the good of football?

To be honest, it’s people like Fabbri (and there are a lot) who get fans annoyed and disrupt the club for no reason.

With the release of his latest confession, Fabbri’s words would have unquestionably alerted Europe once again, and it will no doubt see the return of the big-boy clubs knocking on the door of Manchester United this summer. The Red Devil fans will certainly not appreciate the Serbian’s mediator that’s for sure.

In any case that involves a troublemaking agent it results in anger and unhappiness from the fans, team-mates and club staff alike…it doesn’t help anyone, period.

Agents should be supportive to the player and of course respect the club in which he plays for. Yet it appears that these football bloodsuckers only care about their own well-being and because of this, they discard the feelings of those most important to the existence of football…the fans.

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