“Man City are a completely different club”……yeah a bigger one!

Football FanCast guest columnist Jeff Mason cannot understand why he swapped Eastlands for the Bridge.

They were his words, not mine and it says a lot about the kid that he foresees Chelsea as a better move for him than remaining at City. Quite who his career advisor is, I know not, but I can't help feel that Sturridge will one day look back and regret this.

Daniel Sturridge will be a class act in years to come, I don't think anyone will ever doubt that, but can someone shed light on why this was a better move for him. In his press conference yesterday he mentioned that his desire was to play Champions League football although conceding in his next lines that he won't play as much and will have to be patient.

"I'm very young and I'll be very patient because there are world-class players here. I'm not going to get too upset if I'm not playing because I know it's a long season and there are a lot of games.

"I want to win as many trophies as I can. I'm not saying Man City haven't got ambitions for the Champions League or for any competition but the main thing for me was to come to Chelsea to better me as a player. Manchester Evening News

Sturridge makes a valid point that we do have ambitions and arguably in two years could well be sitting above Chelsea in the League.

I ask the question as to where Sturridge is likely to be in that time and whether he will be warming the bench at Stamford Bridge. What he needs to realise that for all Chelsea's successes over the years, their lack of history, traditions and fan base will not stand up against ours, and once Hughes gets it right at Eastlands we can blow them out of the water. Yes at this moment Chelsea maybe perceived the bigger club out of the two, given their successes, but by the time that Sturridge does establish himself in the team, we could well have overtaken them.

It is that reason alone that baffles me as to why Sturridge felt the need to move away from City. Was it money – perhaps; was it notoriety – more than likely, but in the long term will honestly prove the right move? We all know what that answer will be – it's a shame his advisors didn't give him the chance to find out.  


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