Man City fans should realise what they have let themselves in for

Football FanCast guest columnist Jim Lynch wonders if Man City fans know what they have let themselves in for.

When the breaking news emerged that Emmanuel Adebayor was close to sealing his move to Manchester City, a roar broke out in our section at Underhill yesterday afternoon. This was music to our ears, as we say good riddance to one of the most despised players ever to don an Arsenal shirt.

I looked on with interest last night as Ade got a hero's welcome at Eastlands and with a little shake of my head I muttered the words "I wonder if City fans know what they are letting themselves in for". This guy has one of the poorest attitudes you will ever see from a footballer and I am sure it won't take long before he starts to tout a move elsewhere.

I have to confess that unlike the majority, I actually like the fact that Man City have high ambitions and become a genuine contender to break the monopoly of the top four and I believe it is actually good for football. They had bought well with the likes of Tevez, Cruz and Barry, but the decision to bring in Adebayor is a curious one and totally counterproductive in my eyes and if Hughes thought he had trouble with the likes of Elano and Hamann, then he hasn't seen anything yet.

Adebayor is one of those players who is full of his own self importance and thinks he is a far better player than he is. The fallout at Arsenal was down large in part to last summer demanding after one season, where he scored 30 goals that he should be on the same wages that Thierry Henry had been on, even though the Frenchman had scored 30+ goals in the previous five seasons. Arsenal's desire not to bow to his demands saw a one man crusade where every other day he was talking up moves to Barcelona, AC Milan and even our rivals Chelsea. Not the kind of thing you want to hear from your centre forward and I'm sure you would have felt the same if Robinho came out claiming he wasn't to play for United or Barcelona this summer. It was a complete slap in the face for supporters, I can tell you, and City fans should remember that he delayed the decision to join you so he could see if other teams would come in.

I wish Mark Hughes well with him and perhaps he can succeed where Wenger failed and not only improve his ratio of goals per chances ratio, which was 1 in 5, but sort out his attitude and get the player to show some commitment to the football club and some respect for the supporters who contribute to his wages. The last thing you need in what should be an exciting time at City are players upsetting the balance; therefore I can only hope that you don't have to put up with the disrespectful behaviour that we had to put up with.


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