Man City won’t be able to convince until the foundation is laid

Football FanCast columnist Lewis Doe feels that Manchester City need to get the foundations in first before
they can convince the likes of Messi and Kaka that Eastlands is the place to

When flicking open the paper the other day and seeing the headlines about
Manchester City's apparent preference of Lionel Messi over Milan ace Kaka, many
football fans around the country would have just laughed it off.

City's failure to land Kaka in January proves that any high calibre player
who isn't a complete mercenary in every sense of the word will need a lot more
convincing before they travel to the blue half of Manchester for football

The suggestion that City are willing to pay Barcelona whatever it takes to
sign the Argentine magician in the summer is both easy but at the same time
difficult to believe.

City clearly have the deepest pockets in the Premier League and despite
cries from within the club's board that they are being taken advantage of, the
dream of signing a player with the influence of Kaka or Messi will one day come
into fruition, eventually City will crack and offer ridiculous amounts of money
and personal terms in order to bring a player in.

On the other hand it is a case of until City prove that they have built up
some momentum within the Premier League they have no chance of signing a Kaka
or Messi because the club just isn't big enough in terms of its playing base
and success to warrant the signature of either.

The coup that brought Robinho to the club was amazing enough and proves that
City are starting slowly to get their own way. The continuous signings they
have made since their massive financial insurance was announced proves that
sooner rather than later the Bellamy's and Bridge's will be swapped in rotation
for bigger name stars.

This is not a simple case of paying hundreds of millions for a single
player, City have to consolidate on the pitch and start continuously winning in
the same vein as a Barcelona or their city rivals United, if they are to have
any chance of putting enormous grins on the faces of every sky blue fan in the

The other key thing they need to secure quickly is bigger profile European
football. The type of player that City will want to target will all be playing
in the Champions League and not the Uefa Cup. The Champions League is easily
the biggest cup competition in Europe and provides players with the biggest
incentives in terms of sponsorship and exposure.

City will have to snap up that 4th place spot in the Premier
League within the next two or three seasons if they are to convince the likes
of Kaka and Messi that City has a better future than Barcelona or Milan. These
players thrive on big European competition and success, it sets them aside from
everyone else playing football in the world.

Mark Hughes clearly has his work cut out in getting the job done at a
rampant pace. The pressure that the millions brought to City will have on his
position are great and if the club does not reach the position that it's new
owners want within a set time frame then Hughes could well be on his way long
before the next big name star walks through the gates at Eastlands.