Manchester City are fast becoming everyone’s plaything

I have always felt that agents were the lowest of the low in football and nothing has made me changed that view after picking up the paper and reading we have been linked with a certain Didier Drogba.

If ever there was a blatant attempt at Manchester City’s name being used to broker a deal elsewhere then this is it and thankfully the words of Thierno Seydi have been dismissed by a spokesman at the football club. Drogba is an exceptional footballer and there is no club in the world that wouldn’t want him, but realistically there is no chance of him leaving Chelsea, or Ancelotti letting him leave, so what was the agenda here apart from alerting the money men of Chelsea? If Drogba wants a new deal then approach Abramovich himself, instead of dragging our name into the equation.

“Today he’s at Chelsea. Maybe there will be surprises before August 31,

“I haven’t spoken to just anybody. The only contact I’ve had directly was with City,

“At his age I can no longer hide the financial aspect. The club that want Didier will have to meet the price.” (Sun)

Unfortunately the use of the name Manchester City has been used far too often for my liking of late and it is getting rather tiresome. From being a contributor to England’s failings this summer (believe it or not), to ruining the make-up of football (even though clubs like Chelsea and United have spent millions upon millions in the last decade), we are now a plaything for agents so they can tout their clients, or in this case attempt to get an improved deal at their respective football clubs.

Written By Don Thomas

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