Manchester United fall to another defeat; Twitter can’t help but laugh

After losing at home to Norwich, the game away at Stoke was always going to be massive for Louis van Gaal and United. Unfortunately for the Red Devils, it was another defeat and yet more pressure has piled on the club to remove van Gaal.

Going 2-0 down in the first half was bad enough, but fans weren’t exactly pleased when Rooney – who has been lambasted all season – was the answer to change things at half time. Some would probably suggest that if Rooney is the answer, they don’t want to know the question.

The defeat has seen United drop further off the pace and the players looked incredibly disinterested throughout most of the match, has LvG lost the dressing room?

Either way, Twitter found it hilarious and this tweet from might be the best of the lot.

Reportedly, Ozil was on the scene..

The beautifully polite Henry Winter didn’t pull any punches, either.

Mid-game, Bleacher Report, gave an insight in LvG’s thinking.

Some fans seem to be finally glad to see United join the managerial merry-go-round.

And some Stoke fans just took a chance to have a pop at a rival manager.

Its a bad time to be a United fan, but we think they’ve had their fair share of good years.