Manchester United Stars set to cash in?

Manchester United striker Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney’s future might be sorted for the meantime, but as one door closes another always opens. Has the England forward shown his fellow Manchester United team mates that their club owners can be held to ransom when it comes to contract negotiations?

Arguably not, Wayne Rooney is reguarded as one of the best strikers in world football and there is know other Manchester United player that has the same pulling power that he does. This said, in know way does it prevent Rooney’s team mates from attacking contract negotiations of the future aggressively and uncompromisingly.

As said before there is know other player in the Manchester United squad that is of the same ability, and certainly know other player that can bring in the same revenue from off the field ventures. Were any other United players to take such a forceful stance in contract negotiations I have know doubt that Sir Alex would pack their bags for them and show them the Old Trafford door.

Although there is none like Rooney there are a number of United players that carry a significant weight for the team. Im talking your Darren Fletchers, your Nemanja Vidic’s and Patrice Evra’s, what is to stop them from asking for a considerable increase in their salaries? Although individually good players they do not bring the same desired effect that Rooney does, and that is goals. I think that any other players attempts would prove futile and fruitless. Also, what’s to say these players would play such a game anyway?

If not these players it only takes an individual with a jacked up sense of self importance to start the proverbial ball rolling. Who knows what the future brings, football’s an unpredictable old game.

Javier Hernandez, Chicharito, the Little Pea. Old Trafford’s latest golden boy, Sound familiar? At the moment this young starlet is showing know signs of disappointing, but given the build up and the outcome of the Wayne Rooney saga, is it totally out of the question to think that one day Hernandez could be the one to rock the boat and hold the United owners to ransom? Personally I can’t see this happening.

I guess we once thought that Wayne Rooney could no know wrong…on the pitch anyway. This leads me to my next point, is it really the agents who are pulling the strings? Although bordering on a different debate it deserves to be touched upon. It is reported that Wayne Rooney’s agent Paul Stretford will pocket a cool £3million for his role in getting Rooney to sign a new deal extending his time at Old Trafford. Would it be ridiculous to say that it was Stretford who masterminded Rooney’s contract negotiations?

Anyway, I believe that now the Rooney situation has been resolved it is only a matter of time before a similar situation arises. Who it will be, I don’t know. As I struggle to conclude this article I Cant help but feel Rooney has either found a chink in the Glazers armour or, has the Wiley Scot, Sir Alex has masterminded his own deal and secured a large sum of money should Rooney decide to leave next summer? We saw a similar situation with Ronaldo, does lightening strike twice?

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