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Manchester City find themselves an unlikely ally

Football FanCast guest columnist Bill Howard is sick and tired off the way the FA are attempting to
remove the passion from the game.

You may love
or loathe Harry Redknapp but he has prove and unlikely ally in Manchester City's
quest for success. Where the rest of the football world have decided to round
up on us and dispel everything we are hoping to achieve, Harry has in fact been
positive about it and claims that our rise is good for football as the top four
have been having their own way for far too long.

What I
respect about Redknapp is that he says it how it is, regardless of who he
upsets and his openness is a refreshing commodity these days. He came out today
and is probably the only person in football to stick up for Emmanuel Adebayor
and his reaction to scoring against Arsenal. He was bang on with every respect
and how Ade had every right to do what he did and give Arsenal fans a real two
fingers to all the vile abuse he had been exposed to throughout the game. It is
a shame that Man City didn't send Harry to the FA to defend Ade's case, to give
them a neutrals voice of reason.

As I write
this I am unaware about the outcome of Adebayor's case, but I am sure they'll
look to punish him in one way or other. I personally think it is sad in this
day and age that the FA seem to frown on footballers, or managers for that
matter, that show any real emotion and are determined to pick them off one by
one. The beauty of this game use to be the passion displayed by players on the
pitch, which then subsequently use to rub off on the support and made it the
game we once knew and loved so much, unfortunately it appears the FA are doing
their damndest to turn the players into heartless robots who aren't allowed to
do anything, I mean you even get booked for celebrating these days.


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Article title: Manchester City find themselves an unlikely ally

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