Manchester United and now LIVERPOOL – how do they get away with it?

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Rob Facey asks why Real Madrid think they can get away
with chasing other teams stars after the recent revelation that they are
chasing Liverpool's Daniel Agger. Do they think they are above the law?

Liverpool's Daniel Agger is the latest Premier League player
to be caught in Real Madrid's radar, but what gives the Spanish side the right
to impose their transfer wishes on other teams? Do they think they're above the

After a summer of courting Cristiano Ronaldo and various
failed attempts to lure Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal, surely now is time for UEFA
and FIFA to act against the La Liga team.

Surely sensing a player's unhappiness, in Agger's case at
the lack of first team football, and highlighting the fact that the player in
question would be perfect for your club is the same as talking to players

Sir Alex Ferguson made his feelings clear in the summer,
so with the interest in Agger now made public, will Benitez be following suit
and reporting the clubs to the relevant authorities?

"What we need is a
defender and a striker, and, at the moment, Daniel Agger is on top of our
Madrid vice-president Jose Angel Sanchez said, as
reported in the Telegraph.

"We already had plans
about buying Agger this summer, along with some other players, but the Robinho
situation took so much attention and demanded so many resources from the club
that we had to drop the plans about putting a bid in for Agger and other
players that we had in mind."

The only positive thing Liverpool can take from this is
that Ronaldo and Fabregas are obviously still plying their trade in the Premier
League, although for how long remains to be seen.

Once Madrid have tabled an offer it is hard for the club
to ignore it, both financially and in footballing terms, and an offer from a
club of that stature would test the loyalty of the most professional players,
let alone modern superstars who seem to be only in it for the money.

But what gives Madrid the right to declare interest in
players regardless of their current situation? Why are they above the law?

What is
Madrid's problem, and how can they get away with it?