Martin Jol: Thanks For The Memories!

In a long drawn out saga that had all but threatened to jeopardise Tottenham’s season, Dan Levy and the board finally took the decision to sack Martin Jol and release Spurs stalwart, Chris Houghton of his coaching duties.

It is a standoff that has been brewing ever since the much publicised Ramos-gate affair and while at the time it was reported that Jol would be given till the end of the season to try and propel Spurs into the top 4; a combination of poor results, training ground unrest and verbal bust ups with key players all conspired in the decision to release the charismatic Dutchman.

Martin Jol had done wonders during his three years at the club and had laid down a solid foundation for future success; a legacy in which he should always be remembered, but it needed someone to come in and take the club to next level which the sometimes tactically inept Jol would never have been able to achieve.

The likeable Dutchman in short was let down by his employers and it was unforgivable that they felt the need to court a new coach after only 2 games into a new season but for me the biggest sin was the attitude of his playing staff, who constantly let him down on the field while spreading their poison off it. They are just as much to blame for our poor start to the season and their attitude has been nothing short of a disgrace.

No doubt in the coming days, we will hear more stories about what went on behind the scenes and the real reasons behind Jol’s sacking; I for one wanted to take the opportunity to thank the man for what he has achieved in restoring the club to the brink of its former glories and wish him well in the future.