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Media now exposed to what United fans have put up with for years

FanCast guest columnist
Lee Burton feels the press are being exposed to this kind of
bitterness that Man United fans have had to put up with for years.

would have thought being on the end of one of the most one sided derby's in
years that Man City would crawl back to their wastelands retreat and figure out
how the hell they go about bridging the gap of the top four and challenge for
the title. Unfortunately they won't and Fleet Street is suddenly being exposed
to something that United have known for years.

It is absolutely relentless and the amount of
stuff that has come out in the press, whether it is Fergie sharing a joke with
Wiley, Gary Neville's elaborate celebrations, actual time clocks to account for
every added seconds that were added on, United fans hatred of Hughes and Tevez,
they are clearly intent to drag our good name through it all because of this
great bitterness they have towards us and how they always feel hard done by. I
am sure the press, who all love a story, are bored by now and wish they'd just
accept it and move on.

What has amused me in the aftermath of all this,
as City fans tell themselves that this shows how worried we supposedly are, is
it was them that was hanging on for dear life in injury time in desperation for
the final whistle to blow. As I think Dermot Gallagher pointed out, it is a two
way thing and the supposed added time is just as beneficial for City as it is
for United, as it allows them the opportunity to go on and grab a winner
themselves. The point is that City were no where near us all afternoon and only
reckless defending on our part gave them a chance in a game where it would have
been an absolute travesty in itself, had we only taken a point. Had they not
decided to sit back, then they might have got something, but they just invited
it in the end.

So my message to City is to just get over it and
realise you got what you deserved for a negative display and in the second half
your parking of the bus. All the added seconds were accounted for so stop all
this mudslinging and just take it on the chin. The added time was there for you
to utilise as well, however you were clearly content with the point and you
were subsequently punished for it, so just get over it and move on.


Article title: Media now exposed to what United fans have put up with for years

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