More important than Wayne Rooney…yeah right!

England Under-21 boss Stuart Pearce has astonishingly said that James Milner could be more important to England than Wayne Rooney.

Psycho himself has said: “Wayne’s form has created so much expectation and that’s credit to him. His maturity on a football pitch has grown fantastically over the last 18 months. Everything about him has improved.”

Pearce went on to say: “James Milner is the one I talk to my next generation about. Forty-six U-21 games, what does that tell you? It says he gets picked every time, it means he started very young and it shows that he was happy to turn up for every single match to represent the U-21s, even at times when he became a member of the senior squad.”

No actually that tells me that until now Milner wasn’t good enough to play for the senior squad so has been languishing in the under 21’s until he improved his game to the level, where he is just now breaking into the squad. Rooney on the other hand was called up for his first England game aged 17, and has remained virtually an ever-present for the Three Lions. Now aged 24, just three months older than James Milner Rooney has made 58 appearances for England, scoring 25 times. He is also having an unbelievable season for Manchester United having scored 34 goals in all competitions.

Without a doubt Milner has made a lot of improvements this season, he has shown his versatility for Aston Villa, playing on both wings, at right back and more recently the centre of midfield. He is 4th highest in the Premier League assists table with 12 to his name for the Villans. He is going to be a great player in years to come but I’m sure that the majority of England fans probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid if Milner was ruled out of the World Cup through injury compared to if the same news was said about Man Utd’s number 10.

One also has to question Pearce’s logic for coming up with this statement and how he can be in such a position to issue this statement with so little experience under his belt. After all the man’s only real coaching experience before becoming England Under-21 boss was at Manchester City where he lasted just two years in the job, accomplishing next to nothing for the club.

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