More unsettling rumours intending to rock the West Ham applecart

matt-upsonFootball FanCast columnist Johnny Moon reflects on yet more unfounded rumours to unsettle West Ham supporters.

Call me an oversensitive soul, but has the Mirror got it in for us? Maybe it is just coincidence that on the rare occasions I stumble upon their articles they all seem to be intent on sticking the knife into our football club, whether it is highlighting our financial woes, suggesting that Zola is unsettled, or as today has proven linking our best players with a move away from Upton Park. They just can’t seem to get enough of us and to say its unsettling is an understatement.

Perhaps it is my age and I remember the days when newspapers only reported positives aspects of a football club and the look ahead to coming fixtures. As Ferguson pointed out in the week, with regards to the character assassination that Rio Ferdinand has faced, the modern day journalist is only intent on sensationalising in order to provoke a reaction and cause notable unrest and why the actions and workings of West Ham in the past few years have given the media a loaded gun to fire at us, it is a shame that they don’t refrain for sticking the knife in any deeper than it already it is.

The latest actions of them has to been to tout our best player (in my opinion) Matt Upson to them lot up the A406. Perhaps they are just ignorant to Scott Duxbury’s words that he doesn’t intend to do business with them, or it has fallen on deaf ears, but for me these rumours are not only unimaginative, but seem to be intended to unsettle West Ham fans and perhaps turn us against those in charge of the club and create unrest. There seems no other apparent motive; after all they don’t know what our financial situation is going to be like come January. Perhaps they should spend their time looking into the credentials of the people who are looking to invest in the football club to give West Ham fans an idea of what we can expect in the future; however I guess that involves a bit of research and hard work, something that appears to beyond most journalists these days.