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My great FEAR for Sir Alex Ferguson

Football FanCast guest columnist Simon Wilson fears that the FA will throw the book at Sir Alex Ferguson.

I am sure there is a small part of Sir Alex Ferguson that regrets the events of the weekend and the manner of his outburst, but I believe the fuel of it was more the realisation that past events had played their part.

The whole furore of the Man City game and the subsequent focus on the amount of added time, had meant that any referee that goes to Old Trafford will in fact be scrutinised.

Bear in mind that the official on Saturday was the same one who was seen sharing a joke with Fergie after Michael Owen's winner, then you can imagine the stink the likes of Steve Bruce and the media kicked up had Alan Wiley played more than the allocated 4mins that were originally had put up. Wiley would have copped a lot worse flak than what was dished out if he duly added at least another 90 seconds that should have been added onto it and United nicked a late winner again. The conspiracy theories would have been out as soon as the final whistle had gone and we would have had to endure more nonsense about favouritism towards United. I bet Fergie knew this as well and was probably more upset that the ref didn't stick to his guns; after all you have to add around 30-45 seconds when a goal is scored. He shouldn't have been as personal as he was, but you can understand the frustration.

I really fear that the FA are actually going to throw the book at Sir Alex this time, due to the complete overreaction that has followed his outburst. Every man and his dog in the game has been out in force and jumped on the bandwagon and sticking up for Alan Wiley and I reckon a big touchline ban will be the resulting outcome. As I say the comments made were regretful and I am sure that Fergie is feeling some remorse for them, but I still cannot help but feel that the events against City actually counted against us on Saturday. Had Wiley not been ref would they have played more than four minutes…I reckon so?

Article title: My great FEAR for Sir Alex Ferguson

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