Newcastle show that money doesn’t always matter

Demba Ba, Newcastle striker

As Chelsea have reached a billion pounds of spending under Roman Abramovich and City look to be trying to catch up in vein, not to mention Liverpool spending over the odds for every English player who can kick a ball, does it mean that to be a really successful team you need to be spending ridiculous money on your players? Well if you consider the Reds you would have to say the answer is a resounding no -but Chelsea and City lead you to think it is a certain yes.

Other sides across Europe have spent big money in recent seasons yet newest money bags PSG are currently languishing mid table after a less than stellar start even after a summer of huge spending by anyone’s standards. It has taken Real Madrid and their Galacticos years to come even close to the majesty of Barcelona who are more used to bringing a player through La Masia than going out and spending big bucks – in fact the players they seem to pay the most for are the ones who they have let go and decided they want back.

Of course people have been asking this question since the influx of huge money came into football and not only did prices for players rise to an astronomical level but wages also went through the roof to boot. The reason I ask the question is after looking at Newcastle’s team and genuinely being impressed at the players Pardew has brought in for such little money. Stars like Cabaye, Tiote and Demba Ba are worth a fraction of ones like Downing and Torres but have produced so, so much more.

Newcastle last season were clearly not a flash in the pan – they are a top club with a really decent team and fully deserve to be in Europe and indeed all the recognition they are getting, so if Newcastle can do it why are other teams incapable of doing so? Fair enough it might be the case that to be at the very summit of the table or to win the Champions League big money needs to be spent, but there are clubs far lower than the likes of Newcastle who have spent far, far more money on their players and achieved a paramount level of success.

In the modern game it seems that like in life, money talks, yet for some teams it talks a lot more successfully than others. Newcastle fans for one cannot complain with what they have when they’ve spent so little to get it. Other sides however might take an envious glance in their direction and be more than a little bit aggrieved – and rightly so given the money they’ve spent and the success they’ve had.