Newcastle myth dispelled as fans stay true to the cause

Football FanCast guest columnist, Roy Thompson, feels that Newcastle's season ticket sales more than dispel the myths that have been created by their detractors.

One of the great fallacy's about Newcastle United, in the eyes of neutrals, is that we are not a big club and being in the Premier League was what has suddenly brought supporters through the turnstiles at St James Park.

Quite where the average fan gets this theory from and if they cared to look at the history of our football club then they'll realise how ignorant they were; but I guess we are never going to shut them up, or stop them taking swipes at us until we are back at the top of English football competing again.

To be honest I have never understood the neutrals fascination with us, and why we seem to be their punch bags to relieve themselves of the frustrations that their sorry old clubs provide them with on a daily basis. Sunderland as we know are among the worse for it, but any club whose supporters stop short of organising street parties or demanding their team go on an open top bus ride, following our relegation and their own survival, should really worry about themselves, especially given that they have spent over £80m to get them there. The difference is we will never turn our back on our football club, like the Mackems forever do, and support them no matter what.

The figures don't lie and with no manager, no new signings and no new owners it hasn't stopped us sticking our hand in our pocket and has seen us already sell some 25,000 season tickets to date. I would love to know how that figure compares to the amount sold at the majority of our detractors, but I am guessing it is rather favourable. It only goes to prove that the football club is the most important thing to us and not some flashy signings, or great managers, but those who don the black and white shirt every week win or lose. It more than dispels their theories and further underlines what a massive football club we are. We maybe in the Championship now, but it won't be long before we are back where we belong.


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