Nice to see United star finally taking the hint

Football FanCast guest columnist Kevin Harper is delighted to see that Anderson is finally
taking the hint.

There is no doubting that Anderson's career to date at Old
Trafford has been very much the tail of two seasons. The first was dynamic,
robust, leading many United supporters to believe that they had found the
complete midfielder, who possessed the traits of a Keane and a Scholes; however
the second season he proved to be anything but, with many now feeling this is a
make or break season for him. It is fair to say it hasn't started very well to
date, although I was delighted to see that the player is in fact making a conscious
effort to do something about it.

It was well documented that Anderson and Fergie had a bust up,
which led to speculation with regards to his long term future. Sir Alex played
it down as part and parcel of the game, but it was clear that the ball was very
much in Anderson's court to respond with actions to prove he is worthy of a regular
place in this United team.

My own personal view of Anderson is that he simply got
complacent, thought he had already made it at Old Trafford and as a result his
displays suffered greatly. I know a lot of fans try to excuse it and put it
down to the fact that Fergie keeps playing him in different positions,
therefore he can't build up any sort of consistency. I don't agree with that at
all and I will cite the likes of O'Shea, Park and Fletcher as players who never
have any real set position at United, but always put in a shift for the club
regardless and to a high level of performance.

As we know the season didn't get off
to the best of starts; however it does seem that whatever Fergie said to
Anderson in their confrontation has had the desired effect on him and he is
knuckling down behind the scenes at United to prove himself once again. Ole Solskjaer
came out in praise of the Brazilian's attitude in training and believes if he
maintains his focus then he could become a big player for Manchester United. I
was warmed to see that he asked to be selected for a reserve game this week in
order to show his determination and I am sure it didn't go unnoticed by Sir
Alex who must have been delighted to see him focused and determined to prove
him wrong. At United it is all down to hard work and the day's players start to
coast then there is only way they will be heading and that is out of the door.
I am glad to see that Anderson is clearly starting to get the hint of what it
takes to be a Manchester United player.

Article title: Nice to see United star finally taking the hint

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