No cause for concern here

The reaction of the media and some supporters to Tottenham’s recent defeats has been slightly over the top to say the least. Three losses in the space of two weeks’ has left their great rivals within touching distance of them in third and Fleet Street deeming it the great collapse. Nobody seems to mention the fact that Spurs have been incredibly unlucky (certainly two of the games) where they thoroughly deserved maximum points. They just didn’t get the rub of the green in front of goal and subsequently a media-fuelled crisis has hit the North Londoners.

The news-men love a crisis and it is now the turn of Tottenham to face their wrath. While there is no getting away that their big lead has been chipped away, I would be more concerned if Spurs weren’t playing well and were subsequently well beaten as a result. The fact of the matter is they haven’t and confidence and belief clearly remains high within the squad, but the failure in the final third to convert chances is costing them at present.

Obviously the media don’t see that and would prefer to paint the picture that it is the uncertainty over Harry Redknapp’s future that is the reason behind Spurs’ latest dip, something that doesn’t quite add up. With the exception of the Stevenage ties (typical performance when Tottenham play lesser teams) they have only played one bad 45 minutes since Capello’s departure from the England job, therefore pouring cold water over this so-called coincidence. Fergie admitted they were lucky, while David Moyes said that Tottenham were the best team they had witnessed at Goodison Park all season. I suppose that is not the side of the story they want to note, especially when it fails to highlight any signs of a crisis.

The actual reality is that there isn’t one, given the way the team are playing and if they carry on performing in such a manner they will pick up close to maximum points here on in until the end of the season. This is simply a media-induced crisis and the sooner everyone wakes up to it the better.

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