No Way Jose!

As Chelsea fans cry into their cornflakes this morning; here at FanCast Towers we are going to take time out to pay a brief tribute to Jose Mourinho. The man, the legend; quite simply the “Special One”. 

No manager has ever made such a dramatic entrance to the English game with 5 domestic cups including 2 Premiership titles in three seasons. He bought Chelsea into the big time and made them one of the most feared clubs in Europe; they are now firmly on the footballing map and that is simply down in no small part to Jose.


There will be many sceptics out there who will simply put Mourinho’s success down to the amount of money at his disposal. Why it certainly helps, history will tell you that it is simply no guarantee. Rafa has spent in excess of £100m yet he still hasnt delivered a title, Leeds struggled and as Martin Jol is proving at Tottenham. Jose has achieved his success at Chelsea simply down to his wonderful man management and the fact he is a master tactitician; he didnt have much money at Porto but he still won the Uefa Cup and the Champions League.

No doubt in the coming days the truth will come out to the major fall out which has pretty much jeaopardise Chelsea’s season. I’m sure the Director of Football Avram Grant has been a factor in Mourinho’s decision to resign; Jose is his own man and doesnt like other people medelling in his business. 

Today is not only a sad day for Chelsea but for English football in general; we have lost one of the great charachters. Im sure there are a few managers like Martin Jol and Steve McClaren who are feeling a bit twitchy this morning; with Jose now available there will be no shortage of job offers. 

Thanks for the memories Jose!