North London should be commended for making a stand

It would seem that after years of being pushed around by spoilt superstars Premier League Chairmen and Managers are fighting back.

Tottenham ’s Daniel Levy has become the latest Chairman to refuse to let one of his star players tear up their contract and walk out because a richer club has come knocking for them.

If this is going to be a new trend then I say, about time, as we have come to a point in our beautiful game when players’ contracts are not worth the paper they are printed on and the thought that players may show loyalty to a club or its fans no longer even crosses the mind.

Levy is not the first boss to try and make a stand though and let’s hope he won’t be the last. Arsene Wenger is still doing an masterful job of keeping his captain and prized asset Cesc Fabregas , who has looked certain to pack his bags and return to his hometown club for 2 seasons and 3 transfer windows now.

But Wenger has dug his heels in deep and looks like he may have deflected Barcelona’s advances for yet another window, although I would suggest he doesn’t hold his breath.

Wenger’s headache does not end there though, now another one of his star players from last season, Samir Nasri has also had his head turned, this time by the newly super-rich Manchester City but Wenger has other ideas regarding this bit of business also; voicing what is or was becoming something of a cliché “not for sale at any price”. I say this has become cliché as we have all heard this very statement all too often and then when it comes down to it what they actually meant was “offer us a bit more and we will put a bow on his head and send him first post”.

So are we looking at two of the most unlikely comrades in football? Spurs’ Chairman teaming up with Arsenal ’s Manager to wage war against players not honouring contracts that they signed for 5 years just 6 months ago.

Who can blame these poor lads who wouldn’t want to change their job if someone was offering to double their wages? This is fair comment but I find it hard to feel sorry for somebody that gets paid 50k a week to do something they love and then moans because they want to leave so they can get 100k a week.

The only reason players sign 5 year contracts in the first place is because they are greedy. Despite this it has become an unwritten rule that if a player hands in a transfer request then they are allowed to leave. We’ve all heard the cries of “if a player doesn’t want to be there then no point keeping them”, with the general conception being if the player’s heart is not in it then they will not perform and Fabregas did little to disprove this last season.

Surely the least a Chairman should be able to expect from a player that they are paying the average yearly wage for Britain every week is that they play as well as they can?

These attempts by the two North London rivals to make a stand and tell their players that they will be staying as they are under contract and that’s that, although heart warming and ambitious I fear that it may just turn out to be money spinning bravado. Only time will tell if they are successful I for one will not be putting any money on either of them being at the same club come kick-off on the first day of the Premier League season.

Article courtesy of Shane Peters from This is Futbol