Nothing short of a travesty if Everton fail to qualify!

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Jim McKendry cannot understand Everton's recent slump
and feels it will be an absolute travesty if they fail to get any just rewards
for their efforts this season.

He has without doubt been the manager of the season in the Premier
League and for me still fails to get the recognition he so duly deserves. Under
continued restraints he has been under in his years at the club, the man
continues to defy the odds and brings belief back to a football giant that has
been sleeping for far too long.

There is certainly no Evertonians who wouldn't afford
anything but lavish praise on David Moyes who has transformed the club and
brought faith back to the masses. Everton are back where they belong, among
England's elite and have once again surprised everyone and at one stage this
season looked to replicate their successes of breaching the fabled top 4 for
the second time in a matter of years. It is a season that promised so much and
now one that threatens their season.

It has been a wretched last few weeks for Everton football
club and it's fair to say that the wheels of what was well oiled wagon have
come off. A combination of injuries, poor form and the psychological effects of
their UEFA cup exit had jeopardised all their hard work and left them hanging
on to a European spot by the merest of threads.

From a neutral looking in I feel it would be an absolute
travesty if Everton football club don't claim 5th spot this season.
One look at The Right Result table has shown the clear injustices they have
faced this campaign from poor refereeing decisions and general bad luck. I just
find it hard to fathom that the toffees may not get reward for their honest
endeavours and hard work. Where has it gone wrong this season? Is it simply
injuries? Poor form? One thing it has highlighted for me how threadbare Moyes'
squad is and the need for reinforcements is now a necessity in the summer, so
this football club can move up to the level they belong.


Article title: Nothing short of a travesty if Everton fail to qualify!

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