Should Man City be overly concerned about Tevez’s focus?

tevezCarlos Tevez’s celebrations against United have provided most football fans with a good laugh. He stole the show in the first leg of the Carling Cup semi-final and made his point well. Nobody really known the details surrounding his departure from United but it is fair to say that the player is not happy about how he was treated. And while City fans will have enjoyed seeing Tevez score a brace and antagonise pantomime villain Gary Neville; some of them may be concerned by Tevez’s behaviour. Is the Argentine’s preoccupation with United a worry for them?

Carlos Tevez is a Manchester City player; his two main focuses as a football player should be Manchester City and the Argentina team that he is a part of. Yet he has shown that Manchester United continue to play on his mind; he is still thinking about them when he really shouldn’t be. Of course he was wound up by fans on the day and made his point well, but to then give interviews to clarify his opinion of Gary Neville may be too much. He should be focussed on helping City improve, not on getting one over on United at any opportunity.

In the same way that some City fans are concerned about Emmanuel Adebayor’s ongoing association with Arsenal, they may be a little put out by Tevez’s relationship with his former club. Of course as long as his feelings motivate him to play well there is no major problem, but at what point does the situation get out of control and at what point should Manchester City become concerned of the passion he still holds for United. It is not as if Tevez has a history of causing tension; his relationship with West Ham and their fans is still one of genuine affection and mutual respect. But the bond with United has deteriorated rapidly and he may be better off switching his attentions to City.

The second leg of the tie will be a fiery affair; the Carling Cup has suddenly taken on a much greater level of importance. It is now a genuine battle between the local rivals and will be seen as a marker of how much City have closed the gap on their more illustrious neighbours. Tevez will once again be fired up and is due to receive the most hostile of receptions; City fans will be hoping that he can keep his head and not become distracted by the ongoing feud.

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