‘One Night Only’ talk Championship, World Cup and Emma Watson!

The Championship football season has just begun and here is one band that will be following it very closely. We talk Championship, World Cup, Emma Watson and much more with One Night Only ahead of the band’s second album.

So guys, do you all support your local clubs?

Yeah we support Middlesbrough, Leeds and Sheffield United, which are all local teams.

What are your earliest football memories?

The World Cup we didn’t qualify for!

Who are your football heroes?

Gary Lineker. Total legend and a nice bloke!

Do you still get to go to matches often? It must be tricky with your hectic touring and recording schedule?

We get to go as often as we can. Not as much as we would like though.

(To George and James) – What are your thoughts about Gordon’s tartan revolution, reckon he can get you up?

We gotta have faith, I think this could be our season, we deserve a bit of luck.

(To Mark) You’ve lost Beckford, can someone replace goals? Grayson seems like a good manager, any chance of two promotions on the trot?

Ask me in about a week when we have played a couple of games. I think it could be possible if the players don’t get injured!

(To Dan) Sheffield United weren’t far away from playoffs last season. Is Blackwell the man to take you up?

I hope so, Sheff belong in the Premiership.

How do you feel about England? Why did we do so badly at the World Cup?

I think it may have something with the players being more focused on the own careers as opposed to the hopes of their nation, they seemed to lack a real team spirit.

I see you’re touring a fair bit this summer and towards the end of the year. Do you prefer the smaller, more intimate shows, or the larger festival shows?

We like both. Obviously big stages are amazing, but there is something magical that happens sometimes in small shows.

You’ve got the ‘difficult’ sophomore album out in August. How did you alter the writing process from the first time round?

We just got really heavily critical on what we wrote and had a much tougher quality control system.

I see that Emma Watson is in your new video. What was it like working with her?

She is a babe and was totally cool to work with. We all had a blast in NY.

Last question guys… Who’ll do best out of Middlesbrough, Leeds, and Sheffield United in the Championship this season and will you enjoy a bit of friendly rivalry?

Middlesbrough followed by Leeds followed by Sheffield. We will definitely enjoy some rivalry!

One Night Only release Say You Don’t Want It, the first single from their forthcoming second album, through Vertigo Records, on the 16th August. The album, One Night Only, follows on the 23rd August.