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An OPEN LETTER to Christian Purslow

purslowFootball FanCast guest columnist Jay Kelsey writes another open letter to Christian Purslow.

Dear Mr Purslow,

I wrote a similar letter some months ago praising you for your achievements at Liverpool and the way you have dragged the football club from its knees and given us all optimism that the future is bright and prosperous. In you we suddenly we have someone that not only can we trust, but someone who is prepared to level with supporters and give us the transparency that we the paying public deserve.

For far too long we have been treated as second class citizens, a mere afterthought and the lack of dialogue or recognition from Hicks and Gillett has led to total unrest and gave us all uncertainty of their motives, leaving us to draw our own conclusions; It has been welcome to have your voice filling us in and presenting the facts to us, something that has been missing for far too long.

While your efforts off the field have been superb and the club are finally yielding the sort of sponsorships that a club the size of Liverpool deserve, the performances on it have been an utter disgrace, with today’s defeat at Fratton Park the latest frustration in arguably our worse run of results we have known in years. It would be easy to simply blame Rafa Benitez and it appeared to be the No.1 reason on the coach back from the South Coast, but we all know it is much more than that.

I have always believed and felt it for some time now that although we can bemoan the loss of Alonso, or having the likes of Torres and Gerrard out with injury that the majority of the squad have been letting the manager down with half hearted displays. How many times have we seen it before when managers are failed by his players because they believe he is on the way out, yet as soon as a new one is at the helm they immediately rediscover their form? Rafa Benitez is being let down big time and I believe it is time that the club and you in particular Christian came out in public and backed Benitez.

The problem with pressure and speculation is that as long as it is allowed to manifest then there will always be questions marks raised and the media will continually look to turn the screw on Rafa. Until such time that the club come out and not only highlight to the media and the players that even if god forbid that Liverpool were to finish mid-table that Benitez will still remain in charge until the end of the season. Suddenly the players, or those who couldn’t care less is Rafa remained will have to buck up their ideas, but also the media pressure on the Spaniard will be defused in a moment. All it takes is one statement from you and the Americans Christian and suddenly we can quell this feeling of anarchy that is starting to gather among supporters at present. They say that one swallow doesn’t make a summer and one bad run of results certainly doesn’t mean that Rafa Benitez isn’t the man to take the football club back where it deserves to be. You can help relieve this Christian and for the sake of the immediate future and most supporters’ sanity I hope you will as this anarchy and unrest isn’t going to make anything better, especially on the park.

Yours respectfully


Article title: An OPEN LETTER to Christian Purslow

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