Patience is fast becoming a dying breed in football

tony fernandes celebrates with fansMaybe it is my age catching up with me and I’m becoming just a grumpy old man, but the total overreaction to football results on a weekly basis is grating to say the least. There are a plethora of clubs that are just one bad result away from a crisis and they subsequently bear the brunt of Fleet Street’s wrath.

It is the way football reporting has now become; as newspapers work on the philosophy that if you upset the running of a club, then you have plenty of ammunition for the week ahead. Clubs like Tottenham, Liverpool and in recent days Arsenal are teams that have come under the spotlight as the media look to heap the pressure on the new managers Rodgers and AVB, while forever looking to push Wenger to the brink. What I find frustrating is that supporters rise to their bait and subsequently make the situation decidedly worse.

Being the editor of this website I get a real insight as to what supporters really think about their clubs. Patience is no longer the order of the day and they clearly fall under the media’s spell, where they add fuel to a fire that doesn’t really exist. Perspective is no longer in a large percentage of supporter’s armoury and managers and club owners are under increasing pressure. The likes of Tony Fernandes does his level best to play discontent down with his constant tweets and direct messages to supporters, although it appears to be falling on deaf ears.

I often wonder where it went wrong in football and why the modern manager is put under such pressure from the very people who should be supportive. What fans need to understand is that buying into the media hype or drivel (whatever way you want to call it) they are subsequently making their club all the more vulnerable and will see them take a step back even further in the future. There is a lot to be said for patience in football, although I fear that is now a dying trend.