A Perfect Exhibition Of The Elephant Syndrome: Arsenal FC

Just before the break Andy Gray said that Arsenal has been better than Chelsea in just about everything except the only thing that matters – goals column. Arsenal played great football between the two goals, after the second goal and even in the second half. We know that the striking has been a problem for us ever since that unfortunate injury to RvP. But there is more to it than lack of quality striker for us. There is a problem with the mindset of our players and we @ 11G urge Mr.Wenger to hire a specialist to deal with this issue..

This Arsenal team is a great footballing squad developed by Mr. Wenger in a very organic way. This team is not a pack of mercenaries. A lot of the players who are playing in this squad have been together for quiet some time. So team spirit is not an issue. The flip side to this fact is that they have not won anything and that too for an extended period. A lot of players were exposed to rigors of premiership at a very early stage in their career. They haveĀ  had very tough times against Jose’s mercenaries and don’t forget the battering that they received from Rijkaard’s all conquering team comprising of Ronaldinho in full flow and Messi giving him company.

So, I feel that this team has a more of a psychological problem than a footballing problem. This team has lost consistently to teams like Chelsea, Barca, Utd. for quite some time. Now, since it started happening when these players were not even out of their teens, it has had a very damaging influence on their psyche. It is a perfect case of “elephant syndrome”. In zoos or in other controlled environments, elephants are tied to a chain when they are young. At that age those creatures are not good enough to break those chains. But as they grow bigger and stronger they become more than capable to break out of those chains. In spite of them being capable to do so, they don’t do so. It is because of their mindset which still believes that they are not good enough to break free of those chains. And same is the problem with this Arsenal squad.

So we suggest Mr Wenger to hire a sports psychologist. And for god’s sake, please don’t buy any greenhorns. We are not asking for a “superstar” but we want someone who has won something of significance so that his confidence can rub upon the others. The time has come to act and we hope that Mr Wenger is listening to us.

Wishing for a brighter “Red & White” future..

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