Piers Morgan states what Arsenal fans have known for months

Arsenal have been in abysmal form as of late, no win recorded since the home game against Wolves which came on the 3rd of April 2010.

Since that win, Arsenal have managed to accumulate only 1 point in the premiership. As an Arsenal fan I feel this is not good enough, and I’m sure you, the Arsenal fans reading this will agree.

I read Piers Morgan’s column in the daily mail  this weekend, which basically, in my opinion, voiced out what a majority of Arsenal fans are thinking.

“Five years without a trophy of any kind is simply too long for a ‘Big Club’ and everyone at the Emirates knows it, including Wenger himself, because he’s not a stupid man. In fact, he’s probably the smartest manager the Premier League has seen” – Piers Morgan

I would totally agree with Piers Morgan’s comments, a club like Arsenal need to be winning trophies, even if it is the league cup…anything will do at this time. This Arsenal team definitely need to know what lifting a trophy feels like, this would then give them belief and confidence in the future without question.

I wrote an article last week about how Arsenal get so near but in the end wither away. I suggested that the club needed to buy players, and get rid of the dead wood. Some Arsenal fans maybe happy this year with our league position, and how we’ve improved…but have we really?

I think its time for Arsenal to spend, and spend big in order to match our rivals. It’s obvious that we, the Arsenal fans, don’t know what’s going behind the scenes…we are unclear as to what they (the Arsenal board) require of Arsene Wenger year in year out. I have heard and read a lot of assumptions about this, so I am unsure what to believe (If anybody knows what the situation is then please let us know).

“I’ve been saying for two years, like most Arsenal fans, that we needed a new goalkeeper, striker, and midfield hard-man. Wenger ignored us all, persisting with the hapless Manuel Almunia in goal, relying solely on the keen but naive Nicklas Bendtner up front throughout van Persie’s lengthy absence, picking weak links like Denilson in the middle, and the clunk-footed dinosaur Mikael Silvestre at the back.” – Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan hit the nail on the head with these comments. Kudos. I’m glad someone shares the same views as I do. Surely anyone with a football brain knows what pieces are missing from Arsenal’s jigsaw puzzle…so why can’t they fill it? I love what Wenger has done for Arsenal, and football in general, but apart of me likes to question his transfer policies and this idea of ‘if the player is over 30 he’s no good‘. Sol Campbell without a doubt crushes that query.
Arsenal have been hit with a plague of injuries this season, the most notable being Robin van Persie’s. Arsenal have also missed the likes of Cesc Fabregas, Andrey Arshavin and Thomas Vermaelen at a crucial stage in the season. However this is where squad depth comes into play and we don’t have it, if we did then maybe we would have been seeing Arsenal even closer to Manchester United and Chelsea, and possibly being crowned champions at the end of the season.

I don’t want to heap praise on Piers Morgan for his recent article, because like so many, we can all see what’s wrong with Arsenal. I would however like to applaud him for simply saying what all Arsenal fans must be thinking. I would also like to add that unless we see changes, in players of world class quality and formation alike, then I can see us having the same scenario next season. This must happen or I am reluctant to say (and may sound crazy) that Mr. Wenger must step aside and allow someone else to take the club forward.

If you would like to read Piers Morgan’s article in the Daily Mail this past weekend, click here.

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